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A 5 min chat with Jacob Mulry

Author: TMS Talent

Published Date: 2021/02


We sit down with Jacob Mulry to find out a bit more about him and what’s at the forefront in tech hiring right now. 

1. The coolest role I’ve ever placed was… A very recent role in Healthcare actually, the application itself spoke wonders on the impact it would have on society and I was just ever so happy to be a part of it. This technology is such a forward-thinking product.

This client is rolling out in the UK and I could see the benefits their tech could have for my own family and eventually me, so it really motivated me to showcase what an amazing opportunity it was for a developer to have an impact not just on a product which was quite complex, but also have an impact on society with their own work.  

2. After work I love to… Switch off...I have learnt anything in 2020 it is about not taking yourself seriously, as that is something I’ve been guilty of for a while. Life is a lot brighter when you can laugh at yourself and have a sense of humility. 

3. The tech product I couldn’t live without… C'mon... a CPU or GPU, without these we would be in the stone age! - But a tech product I couldn't live without would most definitely be a pair of headphones as I listen to music more than I listen to people. 

4. The roles I’m seeing in demand right now are… I like how job roles literally show competency demand in the market and the transition of Data Science to Data Engineering over the past 5 years has been very interesting. 

Almost as if, companies invested in the new and exciting AI & Data Science, thinking wizards would come into work, wave a wand and wallah! - AI is doing its thing and making money...No. Nowhere near, every company realised their data driven ecosystem was very immature and needed building, so a whole host of Data Engineer job ads flooded the market, especially centred around the cloud. We are still seeing the back of all of this. 

However, it is interesting how the demand for Developers has switched the last couple of years from 'people with the right skills' (Buzzword orientated) to 'People with the right mindset who can solve our problems"...Which in my opinion is a much more pragmatic approach to hiring. 

5. The best candidates always… Are humble...egotists tend to overcompensate for flawed area's which tends to show. 

6. I’m inspired by… People with a story... which is why I love this job as the people in the industry are so interesting and talking with them inspires and drives me. 

7. All time favourite video game is…. Easy.... Pokémon. Cult Classic game which speaks to my childhood nostalgia and has everything you need in one game!

Looking for a new tech role in Europe? Reach out to Jacob for a confidential chat about roles currently available and what’s on the horizon.