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Europe Technology Market Update

Author: TMS Talent

Published Date: 2021/03

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Sales Director Samuel Sutcliffe shares his insights on the European technology job market and advice for employers hiring and job seekers searching for new roles in 2021.

1. Where across Europe are you seeing the most activity in technology in 2021? 

There simply is demand everywhere…almost all companies have established working patterns supportive of local COVID restrictions and thus for many it is business as usual. Tech more than almost all other industries is fuelling our future and thus there is a lot of new investment going on in and around Europe. A great example of this is in Poland, where in the last 2 years it has gone from 35 million € of start-up VC investment in 2018 to 477 million € in 2020!

2. What roles are most in demand or do you predict will be hot this year? 

Core development skills are certainly in demand however there is also a rise in the need for polyglot developers rather than a “masters of one” as complex microservices and “you build it, you run it” environments are leading the way!

3. How are leading employers differentiating themselves to attract quality talent? 

There are a number of “tactics” that I currently see, firstly, being simple reputation. A number of companies are standing out by having an amazing reputation for continuously uncompromising in their hiring standards, creating envious engineering teams and giving them freedom to express themselves. 

Secondly, money is still up there as a top attracting tactic, however it has evolved especially within the consulting area, with more “mid-lancing” models (bonus directly based on invoiced hours) being offered to increase individuals’ earnings by up to 30-50% when they make the move. 

Finally, I would say companies that actually embrace using good external partners, companies who are only working with a selective few that they have screened and that understand their business to go out into the passive marketplace to directly deliver the company vision and mission to individuals who can impact their business.

4. Your advice for candidates looking to move or find a new tech role this year. 

Decide on what technology, position and direction you want to go and don’t let what you haven’t done be a barrier. Many companies are hiring more so than ever on culture and motivation vs like for like skills.  A new tool or language can be easily learnt, but someone’s attitude and culture is much harder to change! 

5. Any other advice?

For companies hiring – always make sure you know the people representing your business in the market and understand how they work as this is your reputation on the line

For Candidates – ensure the people you engage with know what they are talking about. Be careful of “great skills” and people “love your profile” and promises of a “perfect job for you” – all claims and feedback should always be tangible and substantiated so feel free to test them.

Want to know more? Please get in contact with Samuel or the TMS Talent technology team to discuss your hiring or job search requirements.