Belinda Peddie

Recruitment Team Manager

Tell Us About Your Background

I have 14 years recruitment experience and over the past 10 years, I have been a trusted resource and advisor (specifically in the travel and hospitality sectors) to both job-seekers and multi-national companies. I have helped these businesses make significant improvements in staff acquisition, staff retention and staff performance. Within the arena, I have supplied staff and leadership-coaching and training to a number of big-bang-brands within the travel & tourism industry.

Why Recruitment

I help companies with their people-problems…

I help people find jobs …

I believe that I inspire people to dream more, learn more and to do more…

I believe that I help create a culture and a brand that everyone wants to work for and a company that customers want to buy from!

Nothing could be more rewarding than that! 

What Is Your Favourite Destination & Why?

HOME! is truly my most favourite happy place… it’s where love is unconditional, it’s where I can be vulnerable and it’s where I can just be! (and… another favourite happy place and destination is anywhere with my sister … we have travelled the world and continue to journey together)!

Tell Us Something We Don’t Know About You 

In a nutshell… I am a business coach, career coach, career profiler, resume writer, training programme writer, training facilitator, content writer, adventurous traveller, passionate foodie, entertainer extraordinaire, I hosted a travel chat show on a Jazz radio station and i'm a ‘head-over-heels’ animal lover!