Elena Ktori

Senior Principal Consultant

Tell Us About Your Background

I started my journey into Travel studying Travel & Tourism at college. I have worked 6 years in Travel and feel lucky to have worked at Miki Travel, TUI and HRG! I have worked in Recruitment for a total of 19 years now, within Commercial and now back into Travel.    

Why Recruitment?

The biggest joy I get from my job is knowing I am making a difference to someone’s career path or their personal circumstances. I once had the daughter of a candidate call me and say because of me helping her Daddy (he hadn’t worked for over a year) she was going to have the best Christmas ever, she wouldn’t stop thanking me. My heart melted on the spot!  

 What Is Your Favourite Destination & Why?

I love anywhere in the Mediterranean, being Greek Cypriot myself. Cyprus and Malta would have to be two of my favourite places! There is something on offer for everyone.

Tell Us Something We Don’t Know About You

I am very spiritual and love learning about crystal healing and Feng Shui. I am also a massive believer of the Law of Attraction, what we think we attract!