Giulia Giovagnoli

Recruitment Consultant

Tell Us About Your Background

I knew from an early age that I wanted to work in the Travel and Tourism Industry. I have always had a strong passion for Travel and I have worked for various businesses within tourism before going onto to complete my degree in International Tourism Management in the UK. Since relocating to Sydney, I have been lucky to progress my career in Tourism alongside recruitment.

Why Recruitment?

I love meeting with new people and really building a connection. Assisting candidates with finding their perfect job within the travel industry is my perfect job- what more could you want!

What Is Your Favourite Destination & Why?

Last year I embarked on a 9-month trip around Asia. The Philippines was one of my favourite destinations, it was an untouched paradise. Cambodia also touched my heart, the people, the rich culture, the food and the history of the country is truly remarkable.

Tell Us Something We Don’t Know About You

I am bi-lingual, I speak both English and Italian fluently. I lived in Northern Italy till the age of 11 and I go back every year to see family.