Jacob Mulry

Recruitment Consultant

Tell Us About Your Background

I have over 5 years of Recruitment experience across Europe mainly in the Nordics, specifically Norway & Sweden. During this time the emphasis in industry I have worked within has been technology. I have had experience from the ground up, building relationships with people whether they were a consumer or a client thing have always seemed quite natural, whether they are start-ups or 1000+ staffed corporations. 

Why Recruitment?

Following University, like most I didn’t know where to go, I fell into Recruitment for its earning potential, which do not get me wrong is a great benefit. However, Recruitment itself is not what wakes me up in the morning, over the years surveying and receiving feedback on my approach and the relationships I have built, I have found I have genuinely had an impact on people’s lives, compared to my competition, my ethics and integrity. It is a mixture of obviously earning potential, subject domain (Technology) as well as knowing I and my approach has left a genuine positively refreshing resonation with everyone I work with. That is why Recruitment.

What Is Your Favourite Destination & Why?

I can’t get enough of North Wales. I have visited 7+ times the past few years and every time is a new adventure. All that headspace and all that outdoor exploration is healthy for the mind and soul. Not only that, it is a grounding experience.

Tell Us Something We Don't Know About You

Well, it may be obvious now but, I am a massive nature geek with a huge affinity for the outdoors and all it beholds. I would take a week in a tent in the rain over a hotel in Dubai any day of the week.

However, other than that in my spare time some of my favourite past times is things like gardening & either reading or watching anime/manga from before 2010 era.