Jamaal Hasanjee

Jamaal Hasanjee
Recruitment Consultant - Brisbane

Tell Us About Your Background

I've always had a passion for two things: people and adventure. That combination has lead me to a vast array of experiences both in travel and the working world. I was an award winning travel agent for many years and in between have branched out into all forms of business development. 

Why Recruitment?

The thing I care most about is being able to help people. I was able to do that as a travel agent and had a fantastic career. Recruitment in this industry is the next logical step for me as it allows me to help people get into something that I absolutely loved: working in travel.

What Is Your Favourite Destination & Why?

My favourite destination is New York. In New York when someone drives past in a Ferrari people say, "Wow, that guy must be doing well for himself!" It's the ultimate antithesis to tall poppy syndrome. New Yorkers love success, achievement, building and creation. The city radiates that and it's a joy to just be there experiencing that. That said, my father is from India and I have spent an enormous amount of time in Asia throughout my life so do have a soft spot for some Asian countries, in particular Thailand and Nepal. Mexico has its own charms and I absolutely love Spain and the UK. I've found something special in so many countries in the world so I feel like I have a dozen favourites. 

Tell Us Something We Don’t Know About You?

I majored in linguistics at university and have undertaken a lot of side study in anthropology and psychology. I'm fairly well versed in cognitive functions, how humans think and how that is represented in language and in fact will not shut up about it if asked.

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