Mihai Olteanu

Mihai Olteanu
Regional Director - South East Asia

Tell Us About Your Background

I am one of those people who aren't afraid to switch careers. I started in sports where I was an ex Romanian fencing champion, then one day, I realized I couldn't see myself doing this forever so I changed my career and started working in the hospitality industry where I worked for 19 beautiful years.

First I took a job in cruise lines out of Miami as a bar-waiter and built my way up to Matre’D. Afterwards, I decided to move to Thailand where I took a job as a Food & Beverage Manager for one of the first “ultra-luxury boutique hotels “ in northern Thailand. Almost 2 years later I moved to Bangkok as Director of F&B to open Thailand’s 1st Design Hotel where I stayed with the company for 4 beautiful years, where we developed a new hotel group brand and managed 3 more properties as GDFB. From here I moved for a year to work in one of the largest meeting and conventions centers in Bangkok , BITEC, as DFB. I then became GM in south Thailand, than Maldives for nearly a year and returned to Thailand to do the opening of a very stylish resort; this was my last “adventure” within hotels/resorts.

When I reached the top of my career in hospitality, where I dreamed to be, I just felt that my place was no longer in the industry and I needed to move on to something related which would give me more freedom and time for my personal life too. Hospitality was beautiful but the working schedules were terrible, allowing me no time for myself therefore I decided to make another change to an industry related to hospitality where I had the skills to perform well, so I took the opportunity to work within the Recruitment / Headhunting business for a company with regional reach, based in Bangkok. My role was Regional Director and after 3+ years with them I felt that I had the necessary experience to move within the industry to a more ambitious company, with a brand which was looking to become global; so here I am at TMS Talent, and proud to be here…


Why Recruitment?

I guess for me it has just followed naturally, during my management years in hotels, part of my JD was to interview people so I believe I developed some aptitudes for this and I loved the satisfaction of giving the right people the right opportunities to grow and develop themselves. I am still receiving messages from my ex-employees or people I hired to thank me for the trust and support, it is a great feeling indeed to have the power to influence peoples lives, to enhance their destinies.


What Is Your Favourite Destination & Why?

As an ex-crew member, I had the chance to travel around the world a few times, I’ve seen places many people don’t even dream about. However, my favourite choices would be the Norwegian Fiords and Alaska. Both places just have a certain magnetism, it is purely nature at its best. I love many other places like all the exotic islands in the South Pacific, the Maldives, the Caribbean, and many more, all of which have something unique and different, but the 2 above are still at the top of the list.


Tell Us Something We Don’t Know About You

I love watching TV series and spending time with my dear ones, cooking and entertaining.

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