Patrick Flaherty

Sales Director ANZ

Tell Us About Your Background 

I’m 37, English and married to an Aussie wife. Lived in Australia for over 12 years and still burn very easily. I can say four things in French which is enough for people to believe I’m fluent, which I’m not. I’m a former pro footballer back in England but you’d never believe it watching me now. 

Why Recruitment? 

I love working with likeminded people who are driven and motivated to succeed.

What Is Your Favourite Destination & Why? 

It's a toss up between Barcelona and Bali in Indonesia. Barcelona edges it because of the history and food. Oh, and Vegas too.

Tell Us Something We Don’t Know About You

My name is very Irish but I’m actually from Birmingham and I grew up in a very dodgy pub. My uncle was also in Peaky Blinders.