Roxanne Wentzel

Recruitment Consultant

Tell Us About Your Background 

I’ve been in the travel industry for just over 10 years. I’ve gained experience in flight bookings, transportation and the hotel sectors. I’ve met some amazing individuals in this industry and many with whom I have established lasting relationships with. 

Why Recruitment? 

Recruitment is more than just placing an individual in a vacant position. It’s about piecing a missing puzzle where it rightfully belongs, to complete a bigger picture. 

What Is Your Favourite Destination & Why?

Definitely Bali. 

I’ve met some of the most humbled and friendliest people in Bali. People who went out of their way to accommodate me (I was pregnant at the time). With the little they had, they worked together and they lacked nothing. The picturesque views were just an added bonus. The community makes this my favourite destination.

Tell Us Something We Don’t Know About You

I’m a runner

I love dogs

I always stand for what is right

I absolutely love semi sweet white wine