Samuel Sutcliffe

Sales Director

Tell Us About Your Background

I started in the European IT Recruitment world back in 2010 after finishing up on what was an action packed few years which included, the completing of my schooling and 1 year at University, playing Rugby for England & Harlequins, competing at the World Schools Athletics, and also playing my trombone in various bands/orchestras around the world! These experiences, challenges and triumphs taught my many valuable lessons that I was then able to apply into the world of recruitment, and are still present with me on a daily basis 10+ years on.

Why Recruitment?

Like many, honestly, I simply "fell" into recruitment with little knowledge or expectation, however I now truly understand its value, place and opportunity on a much wider perspective and is something that I am truly passionate about. 

What Is Your Favourite Destination & Why?

My favourite travel destination is Florida as it is where I met my wife, have visited many times and where I have both fond memories and family. Besides the benefits of having family in Florida, it is also an amazing tourist destination with so much to offer which keeps you wanting to come back for more time and time again!

Tell Us Something We Don’t Know About ou

I am a massive fan of Musicals and if I ever have headphones on the chances are it will be either songs from Musicals or Disney songs!