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Assistant Director of F&B

Assistant Director of F&B

Location Doha Job Type Permanent
Salary Sector Hospitality

A great chance for a young seasoned FB professional to lead a team of experts and show unparalleled service while creating a “wow” opportunity with every given chance.   You will be the lead and the model for this upscale luxury hotel centrally located and part of a trendy international group.  

You need to have the background from luxury international hotels to be considered and must be in a similar role for at least 2 years within the Middle East.


Position Summary

As an Assistant Director of Food and Beverage, you are responsible for ensuring that all areas within the Food and Beverage department are properly managed in a structured and professional manner. You will assist the Department Head in order to achieve the optimum performance of each operation outlet within the Food and Beverage department.



  • To take overall responsibility for Food & Beverage (F&B) department in the absence of the Director of F&B
  • To monitor guest feedback in relation to service, products and promotions and reviews in accordance with the Director of F&B
  • To oversee all training activities of the F&B department in conjunction with the Director of Learning & Development
  • To review and control the weekly payroll and overtime sheets and monitor according to budget
  • To consult all outlet managers on operating requirements and quality standards
  • To be proactive during service peak times maintaining a highly visible profile in outlets
  • To assist the Director of F&B on reports, forecasts, budget, marketing plan, festivals and special promotions
  • To interview candidates for F&B service vacancies
  • To work with accounts department to oversee physical inventories, analyse specialized reports, slow moving items and low stock list and productive norms
  • To control inventories of F&B commodities, small equipment and other consumables and to suggest FF&E replacements or additions
  • To ensure adequate yield and profitability of F&B operations
  • To have strong analytical skills -understand key business indicators and competitive trends and develop approaches to tackle these challenges
  • To keep informed of competitive trends, new products and legislation
  • To ensure that guests feel welcomed and comfortable in all F&B outlets including restaurants, bars, in- and around all places where F&B services are provided to guests
  • To anticipate and attend to guests needs in all F&B outlets and ensure maximum guest satisfaction at all times
  • To ensure that guests are properly informed and guided as to the choices available to them in terms of F&B services
  • To meet guests regularly, listen to and discuss their preferences so as to ensure the best possible fit between guest's requirements and services provided
  • Performs any additional or special duties, as directed by the management and function as the manager on duty
  • To develop, implement and monitor schedules for the operation of all restaurants and bars to achieve a profitable result
  • To assist in monitoring and analysing the activities and trends of competitive restaurants and bars
  • To have background in fine dining and organizing and managing high-profile banquets/functions
  • To be excellent organizational and planning skills
  • To have ability to work under pressure at all times
  • To direct and supervise all F&B operations at close range by being physically involved in all aspects of the operations
  • To be capable of managing 100+ team members
  • To be able to train and coach the workforce and lead by example
  • To operate in a safe and environmentally friendly way to protect guests’ and employees’ health and safety, as well as protect and conserve the environment
  • To comply with the hotel environmental, health and safety policies and procedures.

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